Hidden Electricity

Wogender Bernstein / Cradled Amber consists of three wooden balls each hanging on a copper wire in different heights from the ceiling. Thick screws around which the wire is wrapped, stick out of wooden bodies. Reclined on the floor, three copper plates form the respective antipole while at the same time transferring the three-dimensional spherical shape into a two-dimensional surface. Scientific experiments with electricity are often conducted with balls or semicircular objects. The interspace between the two poles is of special relevance as it doesn't just disclose the void in between but reveals the hidden forces. Hence the work can be conceived artistically as well as scientifically – the boundaries between the two spheres of activity are becoming indistinct.

by Angelika J. Trojnarski
Wogender Bernstein / Cradled Amber, 2013
Wood, screws, copper wire and copper discs
Three wooden balls: each ø 17 cm
Copper discs: 2 x ø 16 cm, 1 x ø 18 cm